ALZHEIMER HOME Pitkovice represents a unique project of a complex senior care as well as care of Alzheimer´s disease patients and patients with other illnesses causing dementia including Parkinson´s disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses. The capacity of our facility ALZHEIMER HOME Pitkovice is 52 beds.

A unique interconnection of medical and social services

There exist only a few facilities in the Czech Republic which are able to offer a complex connection of medical and social services under one roof. We have attained this. Our services are provided in a comfort and safe long stay social service facility – home with a special regime – which is technically and personnelly top level equipped. We are a private nonprofit establishment, a registered provider of social services and a non-state medical facility.

ALZHEIMER HOME Pyšely - Poskytujeme tu nejlepší možnou péči pro klienty s Alzheimerovou chorobou, stařeckou demencí a dalšími typy demencí


Our clients are accommodated in pleasant home like surroundings in single and double en suite rooms. All of the rooms are completelely equipped including TV and radio, nevertheless we offer a possibility of your own retrofitting. There are on disposal a spacious assembly room and therapeutical room together with a dining hall. An integral part of our premises is beautiful terraces and a park suitable for walking and relaxation with workout machines for seniors.
The whole compound is fully barrier-free.


Home made meals are fundamental. They are served five times a day (respectively six times a day in case of client´s health indication ). A wide range of hot and cold beverages is a commonplace. Our client´s menu is prepared by a nutrition specialist with the respect to an actual state of health. In indicated cases we arrange an enteral and parenteral nutrition. For our client´s families we offer a peaceful seating in a modern non-smoking restaurant with a cafe, a children playground and a garden.


Communication with family

A quality communication with a family is an important and inseparable part of our care. We closely cooperate with a client´s family, inform them about an actual state of a client and involve them in care. Relatives have a possibility to visit their nearest at any time and spend common time. For our clients we arrange all paperwork as well as help with procuring a reimbursement from public budgets. It leads to reduced costs for our clients and their families. Elemental social consultancy and psychological help are on disposal for our client´s relatives.

Client care

Individual, kind and personal attitude is a commonplace for our staff. Client care is provided by a professional regularly trained team of social service workers, registered nurses, medical assistants, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and other staff. The basis of our care is an effort for a maximum activation of patients and satisfying of all their individual needs using the latest methods.

Health care

Our clients are provided with a quality health care services covering basic specializations which help optimally diagnose and treat all common health problems as well as prevent them. There is on disposal an above standard surgery, clients , if it is possible and useful, are provided with an examination and outpatient treatment directly in the home. Our colleagues are top professionals from branches such as general practical medicine, psychiatry and neurology as well as experienced internists, cardiologists and other outpatient specialists. A part of our facility is a physiotherapist´s workplace. In case of a necessary treatment out of our facility we arrange a transportation together with accompanying person. We have a sofisticated system of doctor´s rounds and regular preventive checks of a mental and physical state of our clients. Thanks to this we are able to capture each change of a state of health and immediatelly adjust a treating, nursing and nutritious regime.


ALZHEIMER HOME Pitkovice is a part of the original built-up area of Pitkovice situated in the south-east part of the capital city Prague, in the location with roots reaching as far as the 13th century. Architecturally from the basis sensitively reconstructed farm house with stone and timber elements and a closed yard induces a feeling of safety and positive atmosphere. A compound offers all necessary facilities needed for a top-level care, a spacious dining hall, a library and other assembly rooms. A part of the complex is a detached residential house for seniors who can enjoy the advantages of care and all of the complex conveniences.


    Homes with special regime ALZHEIMER HOME represent in the Czech Republic a unique interconnection of medical and social services on the top possible level.
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  • SENIOR HOME     

    Home health care and nursing care SENIOR HOME provides the patients with a highly professional care in their natural home surroundings.
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    Our cafes and reataurants RESTAURANT CAFE offer a peaceful barrier-free seating for our clients, their families and other visiting guests.
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