Our friend Scooby

We had another great afternoon at ALZHEIMER HOME Jasmín. We were visited by a handsome young man called Scooby. Is that a strange name for a man, you say? That's right! By youngster we mean a two-year-old Australian Labradoodle named Scooby, who visited us with his owner in our facility.😊 He showed us all the tricks and tricks that his clever owner taught him and it was a great show!🤩 Thanks to him, our clients had a wonderful experience, which brightened everyone's day.🌞 It is not quite common to meet a dog on the street or in the park who can do roller skates.👍😉 And because Scooby is a very well-mannered dog, he shook his paw at us to say goodbye.😍 Thank you for your visit and we look forward to seeing you again.