Trip to the glassworks

Our clients went to the glassworks of Mr. Jiří Pačink in Kunratice near Cvikov. First they visited the Crystal Garden, where they admired the intermingling of living nature with beautiful exhibits of crystal flora and fauna, created by the masters of the glass guild of the local glassworks 😃. The visit to the glassworks itself, where the local masters bravely demonstrated how this beauty is created, was complemented by an expert lecture on the technological process of production and the creation of metallurgical glass by Mrs. Bohunka, with whom we subsequently visited the nearby church. The clients were absolutely captivated by the demonstration of the vase being created in front of their eyes. They had the opportunity to try a glass whistle. The trip ended with a visit to the Crystal Temple, located near the glassworks. Mrs. Bohunka accompanied us here and again fascinated our clients with her amazing interpretation. In this church, Mr. Pačinek installed 300 glass artworks. Some of the works have sacred motifs such as angels and crosses. Finally, we were invited to sing in this beautiful Crystal Church 🎼 and enjoy the unmistakable charm and acoustics of this place. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Pachinko and his staff for their very kind welcome and for giving their precious time to our clients who took away many unforgettable experiences from this visit 💙.