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Working at ALZHEIMER HOME brings not only helping others, but also the most modern working environment and equipment, a friendly team, interesting financial compensation and benefit programs.

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Presentation of job positions

  • Cleaning worker

    A man with not only a sense of order, but also empathy and a need to help others. Our housekeeping staff are an integral part of our facilities and help create a loving and clean home for our clients. As such, they are key employees without whom no facility could function. The Housekeeping Worker is responsible for cleaning public areas, cleaning our clients' rooms and putting smiles on the lips of other colleagues.

  • Nurse

    A nurse - an angel with a human face. In our facility you will find the positions of head nurse, station nurse, general nurse and practical nurse. Each position has a specific job description, yet they all have the same goal of having happy clients in the home. The nurse provides the medical part of the clients care, checking their condition, administering medication and all other things related to the client's health. Without nurses, we would not be able to provide quality and comprehensive care, and that is not the only reason why we value their work immensely.

  • Activation worker(s)

    Activation workers are the heart of all our facilities. Their job is to create not only a leisure program for our clients, but most importantly a home where clients feel comfortable and happy. These are colleagues who are always creating something and thinking about how to fill our clients' time to make it as good as possible - they are not only involved in making things out of various materials, preparing celebrations and physical activities, but also in therapy or basal stimulation. They tailor activities for our clients to reflect their hobbies and interests, whether it be a penchant for baking or gardening. Activation workers are not afraid to dress up in a devil costume or get their hands dirty with paint, they are creative souls who combine their artistic talents with a desire to help.

  • Social services worker

    Carers are an indispensable part of our homes, they know each client perfectly and can assess what care a particular client requires, whether it is a cuddle, assistance with dressing or help with meals. Colleagues in the position of Social Services Worker (or Caregiver) are beings full of love and respect who care for clients as if they were their own grandmother or grandfather. They are the heroes who make clients feel at home with us, and who use their superpowers to help clients overcome the daily obstacles and pitfalls that come with health limitations. Caregivers are our clients' closest partners.

Current job vacancies

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Meet our colleagues - Lukáš

HR Department

Mgr. Tereza Pelcová
HR Team leader
+420 774 774 088
Mgr. Marie Němcová
HR Specialist
+420 736 478 508
Mgr. Marie Moudrá
HR Specialist
+420 731 476 055
Bc. Aneta Filáčková
HR Specialist
+420 735 129 331