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Rental of senior housing including nursing and home care services.

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SENIOR HOME České Budějovice

SENIOR HOME Ceske Budejovice is located in a quiet part of the city, near the Vrbensko Ponds. The garden offers plenty of space for outdoor activities, walks and sitting. Thanks to the diversity of the area, clients do not lose daily contact with everyday life. In addition, the presence of children from the Kulíšek Children's Group has a positive effect on their psyche. Their immediacy and playfulness evokes interest and often a smile on the clients' faces. There is also a general practitioner's office and a well-stocked grocery store. We are a member of the Association of Social Service Providers of the Czech Republic and a certified holder of the Quality Mark in Social Services.

Activation activities

We organize a number of cultural events for our clients - performances of theatre groups, lectures, discussions, musical afternoons, etc. As part of regular activation, sports exercises, yoga lessons and memory training are held. Housing and catering We offer small flats for rent in sizes 1+kk and 2+kk, with the possibility of using the nursing service and home care, in continuous all-day operation.

The family environment brings comfort and security to clients. The facility has a reception (staff 7.00 - 19.00) and additional services (shop). Residents can use the dining room, where classic Czech home cooking is served and where the utmost attention is paid to the preparation of meals. In case of allergies or dietary restrictions, a suitable alternative is always offered. We are happy when clients feel at home. The composition of the menu is prepared by a nutritional therapist, which guarantees its balance.

Senior apartments for rent

Senior apartments for rent: 1+kk and 2+kk We offer apartments 1+kk and 2+kk for rent. Under one roof, seniors get the loving care they need every day.

In the building they can use the services of:

  • general practitioner
  • psychiatrist
  • care services
  • home care (24-hour availability)
  • reception services
  • dining rooms with home cooking
  • trade
  • pharmacies (or ordering and delivery options, Dr. Max)
    hairdressers and pedicurists (available by appointment)
  • memory training
  • participation in cultural events that we regularly organize

Thanks to the diversity of the area, clients do not lose daily contact with everyday life.

Care services SENIOR HOME GROUP s.r.o

Registered provider of health services - home care and registered provider of social services - nursing services SENIOR HOME GROUP s.r.o., a member of the ALZHEIMER HOME group, provides highly professional care. It thus contributes to the happy and safe management of old age and health problems. Home care nurses are available if the client's health condition requires it. Other needs and wishes of the clients are then catered for by a wide range of other services. As is the case with our residential services, our specialty within home health care and nursing care is the comprehensive care of the elderly and the long-term ill. This is matched by the qualifications of our staff and our state-of-the-art technical equipment.

Home care

Home health care and nursing Home care shortens or replaces a patient's hospital or other institutional care. It is preferred because of its undeniable advantages, in particular its positive effect on the psychological state of the patient. This has been shown to contribute positively to improving the patient's general condition and reducing the risk of complications.

- We will discuss your requirements with you in detail, inform you about the suitability of your care and offer you an individual solution to your or your loved one's health and/or social situation.

- Within the framework of home health care, we come directly to the home on dates and to the extent indicated by the attending physician, but we always pay attention to the wishes and preferences of our clients.

- We provide a high quality and reliable service with a sensitive, friendly and personal approach. - We guarantee the high professional level of our general nurses and the timely and proper performance of indicated procedures.

- Adherence to recommended nursing procedures, code of ethics and lifelong education of medical staff is a matter of course.

- In the case of the provision of care services, we proceed on the basis of a social survey, a needs analysis and the relevant statutory quality standards.

SENIOR HOME České Budějovice

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SENIOR HOME České Budějovice


SENIOR HOME České Budějovice

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SENIOR HOME České Budějovice

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SENIOR HOME České Budějovice

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SENIOR HOME České Budějovice


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