Our team

Our post today will not be about our clients, but about us. Let us introduce ourselves to you. This is us, the staff team from AH Jasmine.🍀 Many different faces, many different personalities and one common goal - to provide the best care we can at Jasmine for our clients in a friendly and family environment. We are one. One hand that always helps.🤝
And even though not all days are rosy, we always have a partner by our side.👭 After all, it's easier to do it with two people, let alone more than thirty!
Thank you to everyone who showed up or participated in making our Christmas party happen.🥳🥂
We would also like to thank our great chefs Marius, Honza, Jard and Jirka for the excellent food and perfectly prepared buffet.🧑🍳 Also to Anica and Radka, who served us with a smile all evening.🤩
And last but not least, we want to thank you for putting your trust in us and choosing AH Jasmín as a new home for your loved ones.💕