Paintings of flowers

The activation worker spread fresh flowers, grasses and small leaves on the table.
"What shall we do, Herbarium?" the client asked.
"No, we'll save that for another time," the activation worker replied.
"That's a shame. (Laughs) It looked like we were going to glue the flowers to paper, you know how," and she clapped her hands against her chest twice.
"It sticks with glue dry flowers, not these fresh ones. It wouldn't stick to the paper," the other client replied.
"Oh, actually, they still have to be pressed,... well, yeah," the first client realized with a laugh. Watching what the worker was putting on the table, she continued. "How are we going to glue that in?"
"It's duct tape," the activation worker replied with a smile.
Together we then created interesting paintings that can be seen on the dining rooms of our facility. 💐🖼️
- This conversation is fictional -