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ALZHEIMER HOME is a unique project of linking cutting-edge health and social services in the care of patients with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. Homes across the country are for clients who need the help of another person 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The mission of ALZHEIMER HOME is to provide comprehensive and individualized residential social services. The professional staff supports the clients' self-sufficiency and active lifestyle, respects their individual habits and preserves their rights and human dignity.



ALZHEIMER HOME Česká Lípa is located in a quiet part of town with very good accessibility. The recently opened premises have been designed in full compliance with the needs of people with dementia, with plenty of space to meet and at the same time with corners for peace and privacy. The centre includes a garden with mature trees, used for leisure activities as well as for walks or sitting.


Our clients are provided with quality health services covering basic specialties that help to optimally diagnose and treat all common health problems and prevent them. There is a well-equipped medical department. Wherever possible and practical, clients are thus provided with examinations and outpatient treatment directly at the facility. Our collaborators are top specialists in general practice, psychiatry or other fields. We have a sophisticated system of medical visits and regular preventive checks of the mental and physical condition of our clients. Thanks to this, we are able to catch any change in health status and immediately adjust the medical, nursing and dietary regimen.

ALZHEIMER HOME is part of the Penta Hospitals group. Penta Hospitals operates a network of hospitals and specialist outpatient clinics in the Czech Republic and it is our natural intention to offer our clients and families better and more comprehensive healthcare services in the future with this unique combination. It is for this reason that Ambulance Penta s.r.o. (from the Penta Hospitals group) is gradually becoming a new healthcare provider in our facilities in the field of general general practice and in selected areas of specialised outpatient care.


Complete equipment of all rooms

Our clients are accommodated in a pleasant home environment in double rooms with private bathroom. All rooms are fully equipped, yet we offer the possibility of their own retrofitting. The whole area is fully wheelchair accessible.



Capacity of the home



Activation activities

Being active is important at any age. We engage our clients daily in a range of activities that are tailored to each individual. Knowing their habits, interests and personal needs helps us to tailor a mix of activities to make their day enjoyable and enjoyable. Trained staff use a variety of methods and ways of approaching and communicating with clients using basal stimulation and elements of validation.

The cornerstones of the activation activities are reminiscence therapy, memory training and music therapy. Specially equipped rooms for rehabilitation, fine and gross motor exercises, aromatherapy and therapeutic cooking and baking are also used for activation.

We don't close ourselves off from the world - quite the opposite: we go on trips and exhibitions, we enjoy walks around the area.



  • Hello, Headmistress, at a time when people are always complaining about things, I would like to thank you for the great help from the Pink Shirt, Green Shirt and Mr. Caretaker - Maintenance team. I was dealing with a problem with my mom's walker. Your wonderful staff helped me resolve the situation in no time. Helpful and with a smile. I realize how challenging your job is. And yet you still have the strength to care for your clients with love and patience. So I hereby send a huge THANK YOU. I wish you good days. (October 2023)  
  • Dear Director, thank you and the entire staff for the exemplary care, understanding and humanity with which you carry out such a demanding job. Thanks to your help, my husband was able to spend the last days of his life in a dignified environment, surrounded by kindness and consideration. Your work is a mission that you carry out regardless of your own person. Thank you again. Sincerely.  
    MUDr. Ludmila Truhlářová

    MUDr. Ludmila Truhlářová

  • Hello, thank you for taking perfect care of my mother Terezia in a beautiful environment, who could live her life in peace in your care. Thank you Jaroslava Bažantová
    Jaroslava Bažantová
  • Hello, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the entire staff for the professional and kind reception of my mother in your centre. For their empathy, kindness, helpfulness and understanding. There are still people who can communicate kindly and encourage. Just when the entrance to the home opened, everything smelled lovely and the director and nurses came to greet us. It's not easy to separate from your mom and hand her over to someone. But here I felt like I was handing her over to good hands and nice people. Thank you for your encouragement, your smile and the feeling that she will be well and will be taken care of. Thank you all again, have a Merry Christmas and good health.
    Vokurková Sonia - daughter
  • Hello, I would like to thank you for taking care of my husband. The work of the Alzheimerhome staff is very hard and challenging and much needed. Thank you very much Eva P.
  • Dear Headmistress, our dad died recently. I would like to thank you for your care and I hope that he enjoyed a few more good moments in your home and could live the rest of his life with dignity. Thank you for the whole family.
  • Dear Director, my sisters and I would like to thank you and the other staff of ALZHEIMER HOME in Česká Lípa for your helpfulness and excellent care for our sick mother who was in your centre for almost two years. In addition to the excellent care, we would like to emphasize your concern for the active leisure of your clients, the organization of many activities and the professional conduct of your and the entire management. Yours sincerely
    Martin Hrubes
  • Hello, we would like to thank you all for the wonderful reception of our brother and brother-in-law Vilík. You are all kind, friendly, sweet. Today we visited him and we were really touched by your concern for him, we know that everything goes slowly, that everything takes time, but today he looked so happy. You all have our great admiration and thanks ❤❤❤Lenka and Jiří Stichhauer
    Lenka and Jiří Stichhauer
  • Hello , thank you to the whole team of workers at ALZHEIMER HOME Česká Lípa under the leadership of the director Mrs. Biolková for the excellent care of my mother Mrs. Stanislava . She felt at home here and even though she was in hospital towards the end of her life , she still remembered and said how she would love to come back "home" to your care and team. Unfortunately she is no longer with us, so once again a big thank you for your work.      
    Pavel Konvalina with his family



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