• The vocation of ALZHEIMER HOME is to provide quality, individually focused long stay social services to persons suffering from Azlheimer´s disease, old age dementia and other types of dementia.
  • The service is provided to clients who with the respect to their state of health are dependend on help of another person, who have a limited self-sufficiency regarding to basic life abilities and they need a permanent care and supervision which can not be provided in their natural surroundings.


  • To develop or at least maintain the present self-sufficiency of the client and an effort to preserve as long as possible client´s abilities and skills which influence a quality of client´s life.
  • To provide the client with safety environment.
  • To provide a quality health care corresponding with the client´s state of health.
  • To make quality conditions for client´s accommodation including a support of good atmosphere and well-being.
  • To develop social contacts, support natural relationships with a family, friends.
  • To approximate the way of a client´s life as much as possible to a life standard of people of the same age living out of the facility.


  • Abiding by and respecting client´s rights, their free will, keeping human dignity, abiding by human rights and freedoms.
  • Individualization of service, principle of professionalism.

Scope of persons

  • The target group is made by people older than 40 years of age suffering from Alzheimer´s disease, old age dementia and other types of dementia whose self-suffieciency is limited owing to these diseases and whose situation requires a regular help and care of other person, who occur in an unfavourable social situation and are not able to arrange care themselves within their social surroundings.

Applicant refusal criterions

  • An applicant does not fit into the target group.
  • An applicant suffers from an infectious illness.
  • The applicant´s state of health requires providing of health care services in a medical facility.
  • The capacity of the facility has become full.



    Homes with special regime ALZHEIMER HOME represent in the Czech Republic a unique interconnection of medical and social services on the top possible level.
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  • SENIOR HOME     

    Home health care and nursing care SENIOR HOME provides the patients with a highly professional care in their natural home surroundings.
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    Our cafes and reataurants RESTAURANT CAFE offer a peaceful barrier-free seating for our clients, their families and other visiting guests.
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