Organisational changes

Dear family members,

we would like to inform you about organizational changes in our home ALZHEIMER HOME Sluštice.

As of today, the ALZHEIMER HOME Pyšely facility will be run by Mgr. Dominika Zvolenská.

Mgr. Zvolenská has many years of experience in the social field. Since 2013, she has worked in the association for the care of the mentally ill FOKUS Mladá Boleslav - as head of services. She also has experience as a lecturer for the College of Social Work in Prague.

She graduated from the Higher Vocational School of Social Law in Prague and Master's studies at the J.A. Comenius University in Prague.

They look forward to meeting clients, working with a highly professional team of staff, and working with you - the family members.

We believe that ALZHEIMER HOME Sluštice, and of course the other branches, will continue to develop successfully and will rank among the top in their field by the range of services and level of care.

Contact to the new the director of the facility / head nurse of ALZHEIMER HOME Sluštice:

Mgr. Dominika Zvolenská
Tel: +420 601 697 412


All contacts and further information can be found on our website:

Yours sincerely

Mgr. Miluše Horváthová

Regional Director for Prague and Central Bohemia Region:

Tel: +420 731 143 743