Benevita Homes - now part of the group

Benevita Homes will become part of the Penta Hospitals CZ group

Prague, 31 October 2022 - Benevita Senior Homes will become part of the Penta Hospitals CZ group. Company
thus further strengthens its position as the most important provider of social services in the Czech Republic. V
segment of care for clients with Alzheimer's disease and other diseases causing
dementia has more than three and a half thousand beds.
"Acquisition is part of our long-term strategy. As part of this strategy, we want to not only gradually
to strengthen the Group's position, but above all to further develop the scope and standards of the services provided. Among
other objectives include deepening synergies between the Group's facilities and companies," says
Barbora Vaculíková, CEO of Penta Hospitals Group, adding that the homes being taken over will be integrated into the
to the ALZHEIMER HOME network. "ALZHEIMER HOME already successfully operates a total of 27 facilities today, and the
two more are in the pipeline. The inclusion of these four new homes will therefore complement its
structure even in places where it did not have capacity before."
For the clients themselves or the staff of the facilities being taken over, their transition to the new
of the owner does not change anything. "Maintaining quality care for our clients is our absolute priority, which is why
a mutual agreement has been reached between the two parties regarding the guarantee of full continuity. Part of the takeover
facility is also an agreement to transfer all employees of BeneVita Senior Homes to the new
providers under existing conditions," Vaculíková said. In total, the acquisition will reach
the number of employees of the Group in the field of social and residential services is already close to two thousand.
Both parties will not comment on the amount of the transaction by mutual agreement. Three of the acquired
facilities, i.e. the homes in Minkovice, Boskovice and Kamenice nad Lipou will be included in the structure
ALZHEIMER HOME incorporated as early as the first of November 2022, the home in Sychrov as of the first of January
2023. In all cases, these are modern buildings. The oldest of them is the home in Sychrov,
located in close proximity to the local castle, which opened in 2019. Other facilities are
brand new and started its activities this year.
All the homes are now facing a gradual integration into the group, not only in terms of the management system or
standardisation of care, but also, for example, with regard to the employee benefits system introduced in
ALZHEIMER HOME, or Penta Academy, i.e. integration into the Penta employee training system
Hospitals CZ. In accordance with the Group's standards, all homes will also be supplied with brand new
medical instrumentation, such as electrocardiography (ECG), C-reactive
protein, which helps to distinguish between bacterial and viral infections (CRP method) and others.