Birthday in May

We congratulated our May celebrants. In addition to the big 100 year round-up and celebration of our 102 year old friend, there was the traditional birthday party. Refreshments and a toast are a given. Happy birthday again!

They celebrated their birthday in May:

Mr. Jan B., Mrs. Marie V., Mrs. Marie B., Mrs. Jaroslava B., Mrs. Věroslava H., Mrs. Alena V., Mrs. Alžběta K., Mrs. Julie V., Mr. Vladimír Š., Mrs. Milena M., Mrs. Marcela N., Mr. Jaroslav K., Mr. Mikuláš P., Mrs. Marie K., Mrs. Ludmila Š., Mr. Karel D., Mr. Jaroslav Š., Mrs. Marie J., Mrs. Antonie Š., Mrs. Marta K., Mr. Pavel Š.