Senior Home

We focus on all groups of clients requiring home care. Our main specialisation is elderly care – chronicly ill geriatric patients and the incurably ill whose state of health requires a demanding, long-term care provided by specially trained staff and top class equipment. This complex so called long-term home care is provided in the extent of months even years.

A separated group of our clients consits of those with Alzheimer´s disease and other illnesses causing dementia, including Parkinson´s disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses. Thanks to unique home care procedures, advanced technologies and specially trained staff we are able to help this group of ill people as well as their families to keep their dignity and safety in their natural home surroundings as long as possible.

We care about

    • Patients after surgical and orthopaedic interventions
    • Chronicly ill geriatric patients
    • Patients suffering from Alzheimer´s disease and other illnesses causing dementia, including Parkinson´s disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses
    • Patients after celebrovascular accidents and other neurologic diseases
    • A wide group of other chronicly and incurably ill people, temporarily or permanently dependend on a nursing care

We perform

    • Taking of blood and other biological material
    • Immediate blood screening – blood glucose level, INR, CRP and others
    • Immediate urine screening
    • Measurement and check of physiologic functions, EKG
    • Distribution of medicines including application of injections, infusions, inhalations and other curing therapies
    • Insulin application training
    • Local treatment, re-bandaging, care of a wound and decubituses, clyster, catheterization, irrigation, lavages
    • Care of PEG, other stomata and permanent catheters
    • Nursing rehabilitation
    • Education and re-education of clients to keep or induce the ability of self-service and self-sufficiency
    • Innitial training of members of family to manage simple nursing interventions

Our clients are provided for free

    • Non-stop hot-line
    • Professional consultancy
    • Booking of examinations in medical facilities
    • Booking of medical transportation service
    • Delivery of medicines and medical agents
    • Arrangement of medical aids loan
    • Nutrition specialist services
    • Social consultancy

How to contact us

Do not hesitate to contact us being interested in other information, advice or detailed familiarization with the services provided. Call us, please +420 702 245 402.

Jiřina Žežulová

Home care nurse
Jiřina Žežulová
tel.: +420 702 245 402


    Homes with special regime ALZHEIMER HOME represent in the Czech Republic a unique interconnection of medical and social services on the top possible level.
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  • SENIOR HOME     

    Home health care and nursing care SENIOR HOME provides the patients with a highly professional care in their natural home surroundings.
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    Our cafes and reataurants RESTAURANT CAFE offer a peaceful barrier-free seating for our clients, their families and other visiting guests.
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