With love like at home ...

We treat our clients like members of our family. With love. To make them feel like at home and among their nearest.

Home health care and nursing service SENIOR HOME provide our clients with a highly professional care in their natural home surroundings. It contributes to a content and safe managing of an old age as well as health troubles in a comfort of the own home. In case a client´s state of health requires it, there are registered nurses on disposal. Well trained nurses help the clients to cope with household care and their own person. Other needs and wishes of our clients are provided by a wide range of other services. Just as providing long-stay services, within home health care and nursing service we specialize in a comlex care of seniors and patients with Alzheimer´s disease and other illnesses causing dementia including Parkinson´s disease and other neurodegenerative illnesses. Qualification of our staff and top technical equipment correspond with it.

Home care

Home care (sometimes called home health care) shortens or substitutes hospitalization of  patients or their stay in another institutional facility. It is prefered for its unquestionable advantages particularly lying in their positive impact on a mental state of a patient who can stay in his natural home surroundings and among his nearest. It provably contributes to an improvement of a patient´s general state of health and reducing of a complication risk.

    • Your requirements will be detailly consultated, you will be informed about a care suitability and offered an individual solution of your or your relative´s medical situation.
    • We visit you directly at your home in periods and range according to an indication of an attending physician, we always keep in mind wishes and preferences of our clients.
    • We provide a high quality and reliable services, always with sensitive, kind and personal approach.
    • We guarantee a high professional level of our registered nurses as well as timely and proper performance of indicated procedures.
    • A commonplace is a compliance with recomended nursing procedures, ethical code and lifelong learning of our medical staff.

We approach our clients in  the same way as  members of our family. With love. To make them feel like among their nearest and dearest.

The vocation of a home care is to provide a client in his own social surroundings with such a range and quality of necessary health care to prevent a client´s hospitalization or to reduce it to its minimum.

A home care is provided free of charge within a reimbursement from a public health insurance in Prague and its vicinity, 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

A home care can be required by every citizen of the Czech Republic whose attending physician after an assessment of a general state of health decides of its suitability and usefulness.

Our top level medical services are provided by our highly qualified registered nurses.

Senior Home
Senior Home
Senior Home
Senior Home

    Homes with special regime ALZHEIMER HOME represent in the Czech Republic a unique interconnection of medical and social services on the top possible level.
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  • SENIOR HOME     

    Home health care and nursing care SENIOR HOME provides the patients with a highly professional care in their natural home surroundings.
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    Our cafes and reataurants RESTAURANT CAFE offer a peaceful barrier-free seating for our clients, their families and other visiting guests.
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