Information about an audiovisual communication with our clients in all facilities, by means of tablets

Alzheimer Home - komunikace se senioryWe have realised the state ordered measures are unpleasant for our clients as well as for their nearest especially in the situation when we are missing so much needed communication. Therefore we have launched an audiovisual communication by means of tablets which have been placed in all of our facilities. The tablets are operated by our activation workers and chosen nurses and will be, in the beginning, in operation daily between 9am to 3pm. We hope in a prolongation of this time after a running-in period.

The connection can be made via Your mobile phone through the application WhatsApp,
Calls and videocalls WhatsApp use an internet connection of your telephone instead of minutes within your monthly rate. Therefore you need not be afraid of any expensive call fees. Audio as well as video transmission are available.

Here you can find the  tablets´phone numbers which can be used exclusively via the application WhatsApp ( do not call to this numbers using a common phone call, you can not reach anybody). After accepting your call, our operator looks up Your nearest and will assist to strike up a communication. In case your connection fails, we will try to call You back after finishing of calls of people who have reached us before You. To satisfy all, please, respect a maximum call lenght of 10mins.

AH Zátiší 1         607 026 731 nebo 607 026 091
AH Pyšely           607 026 220
AH Libeň            607 026 453
AH Modřany      607 026 707 nebo 607 026 367
AH Pitkovice      607 026 433
AH Ostrov          607 026 728
AH Písek             607 036 151
AH Sluštice         607 026 887

Kind regards

MUDr. Boris Šťastný, MBA, b.o.h.
chairman of the management board

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